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We can supply medals in almost any way you want it - impressed, die casted, engraved, enamelled or laquered. You can have produced with or without band - and if you do not have the band, one of our "bandfactories" supply us with it. If you want it more elegant you can have the medals delivered in a medal box. Below you can see a handful of the medals we have delivered to some of our customers.

The Norwegian Trotting Organisations Badge of Honour Armed Forces Participation Medal
(Saudi Arabia)
A very special and very elegant medal. Hand made in sterling silver and enamelledX The medal are die casted in copper and brushed to show the many fine details.
International Association of Customs Museums Medal Armed Forces sharpshooting Medal in Gold

The medal is impressed and enamelled with red, light blue and green

Stamped and enamelled with see-through, red enamel

Armed Forces Medal for International Operations

The medal comes in a medal case with
both the medal, the miniature and the ribbon in the case.